Project Management Know How

Excellent project management know how is the best foundation for successful projects with excellent project results. In an ever more competitive and global business environment, successful projects and thus, successful project management, are getting increasingly critical for overall business success.

What do we need in order to get successful projects?

"The best project management tools – that's all we need to be successful with our projects." This is what we frequently hear in our project management seminars, workshops, or in coaching sessions. When asking the clarifying question "how do you define the term 'tools'?" we often get the answer: "Well, that's software, templates, and checklists, isn't it?"

We think that these things are definitely part of the picture. For successful projects we do need good project management software, templates, or checklists. On this web site, you will find some of them, or helpful links.

However, this is only part of a bigger picture. We ask and follow up on two key questions:

How can we find the right projects?

How can we do our projects right?

On this web site, we give our answers to these questions in form of a practical approach. It is a structured compilation of the project management know how we found in literature, in our own project management practice, and in countless discussions in project management trainings, seminars, workshops, consulting, or coaching sessions.

We follow the classical approach, take care of the second question first, and present our view of

Second and coming back to the first question, we develop our understanding of

From there, we explore aspects of

  • A successful project management career.
  • Best practice sharing in project management, in form of Case Studies.
  • Other project management resources.

Additionally, we offer

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    Dec 20, 21 03:06 AM

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    In this section, we summarize the fundamentals of project management.

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  4. Templates & Checklists

    Mar 15, 20 01:00 PM

    Ready-made sets of templates and checklists make our life as project managers easier. Check out the three packages of templates & checklists we put together. They save you a lot of time, are easy to…

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  5. Demos: MTA Practice

    Mar 15, 20 01:00 PM

    I added an inter-active combination of MTA table and MTA diagram that illustrates how we apply this tool. You can practice to work with it by entering your own project milestones and the relevant date…

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The ideas and concepts of project management presented here work well in most real life projects. But every project is different.

If you want to share your own best practices, an interesting anecdote, or in case you have a different opinion, I invite you to send me your contribution:

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