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Hello, and welcome to this page, "About Peter".

My full name is Peter Stoemmer.

I am a trainer, consultant, and coach for project management. Before that, I managed projects myself.

Peter StoemmerPeter Stoemmer

The goal of this website?

Help you learn PM concepts, methods, and tools which you can use to achieve good project results.

If you are just beginning to learn PM, or if you are already an advanced project manager, I will be here for you with my website.

What can this website do for you?

When you start with PM, you might face problems with a large amount of stuff to learn and consider. Almost every PM book on the shelves offers a different structure. This is confusing at times.

You may be looking for

  • an overall picture of PM

  • the PM terminology and procedures

  • well-structured content

  • easy to understand explanations and descriptions of the PM tools, so that you can directly apply them

I went through that confusion as well, and I continued to learn and practice by managing projects. Then I decided to "teach" PM as a trainer and to set up this website and help people like you get a deeper understanding of PM.

There is a learning path for traditional PM. If you want to go through it, start here.

And there is more

  • At some point in your PM learning journey or your PM career path, you want to have guidance or hints about how to continue.

  • You have questions about one or the other PM tool.

  • You would like to consult with somebody for typical PM issues, for example, optimizing your project plans, analyzing risks, etc.

  • You need a sparring partner in difficult project situations, like preparing claims, handling difficult negotiations, etc.

  • Or, you would like to ask for coaching, for example in conflict situations within your project team or between you and line managers

All of this you can get from me.

Feel free to use the contact form below.

About Peter’s background

I was born in Munich, Germany, and grew up in that area.

After getting a master’s degree in mathematics and physics, I started teaching these two subjects at a German graduate school.

Only a few years into teaching, the opportunity to join a large company turned up, and I took it. My corporate life began:

  • research & development (hardware and software)
  • sales and key account management (medium and large communication systems)
  • project management (medium and large projects)

Over more than ten years in “operational business” management, I was more and more questioning myself if this was the career I wanted. My desire to teach and help others got stronger again.

Finally, I took another turn in my life and re-started teaching, this time in the form of training, consulting, and coaching for adults. This is what I am still doing, what I am passionate about, and what makes me happy.

Along the way, I continued my learning journey by obtaining the credentials of a

  • Project Management Professional (PMP), issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI), Pennsylvania, USA, and a
  • Systemic coach, issued by Die Systemiker, Heidelberg, Germany

If you want to know more about how this website got started go to the page
About This Site.

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