This is "About Peter":

My name is Peter Stoemmer and I am the owner of this website.


Munich, Germany


Beijing, China



About Peter: my day job

Throughout my career, I have been working in projects: as a team member, sub-project manager, and in the position of a senior project manager.

Following the principle of "learning by doing", I made a lot of mistakes in my projects and learned my lessons from those mistakes. You find a big deal of that learning on this website.

My PM experience comprises management of projects in the following areas:

  • Communication equipment and large communication systems projects
  • Communication infra structure projects
  • Company wide learning programs for project managers and senior project managers
  • Planning and implementation of project management methodology and PMO
  • Training, consulting and coaching of project managers and senior project managers, in almost all European and Asian countries and in the United States of America.

I grew up in Muenchen (or Munich), in the State of Bavaria, Germany. Most of my education I enjoyed in Muenchen and greater area and I obtained my Masters Degree in Mathematics and Physics at Technische Universitaet Muenchen. After that I joined teaching school in Bavaria from which I graduated as teacher for mathematics and physics.

Willing to learn and explore other areas, I started my professional career with Siemens AG, in engineering, design, and development of electronic devices and software. After an exciting and interesting time in R & D, I changed to sales and project management of large communication systems, and since the end of 1998, I am active in the area of training, consulting, and coaching of executives, senior project managers, and project managers.

Currently, I am still active in this profession, being located in Beijing.

When coaching executives or project managers, I follow and apply the ideas of Systemic Coaching which I started to learn and practice since 2003.

I am also holding the PMP credential of the Project Management Institute, PMI.

About Peter: Why another project management website?

The answer is, in fact, very simple. Whenever I surf the web looking for principles, some new ideas or useful tools around the topic "training and consulting for project managers", I find too many websites and other sources containing bits or pieces of information, but nothing that combines the most useful and most practical aspects into "one whole". Years ago, I actually considered to write a book with all necessary info, for us PM trainers and consultants, in one place. I still have this in the back of my mind.

However, creating this website, seems to be a better approach that allowes me to reach a wider audience much faster. So, as my first goal, I set up a "private" project to create this site, as a basis for all of you who want to learn or deliver training about project management. In another sub-section of this site, I give you a short summary of my initial website buildout, seen as a project. It serves as an example for the question, "what is a project?"

For this project, I need a strong partner. I found this partner in SBI!, aka SoloBuildIt!. As I discovered along the way, SBI! is much more than a website builder: it is the most comprehensive e-business building suite I have seen so far. If you are interested in building an e-business, check out my SBI review.

About Peter: my work life balance

Work is not everything, so, in order to keep my work and private life in balance I practice swimming, cycling, and running - earlier combined into triathlons, meanwhile reduced to pure fun and recreation - and a little bit of photography at the side.

And believe it or not, putting time into this website, helps me a lot to relax from my "day job", too.

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