My SBI Review

“My SBI Review” is about the definition phase of the project of building this website.

Imagine …

… you have the idea to start a project of setting up your own online business with a website around a topic you are passionate about.

The first thing you do is “Google” the web for service providers or website builders and what they have to offer.

When trying the search term “web host service providers” or similar ones, Google’s search result pages give you millions of results, full of “get-rich-fast schemes”.

Now you start reading and learning. After a while, you begin to build a wish list, something like this:

  • Meaningful reviews about the web host service – written by real people who have “done it”
  • A domain name of your choice and its registration, included in a yearly fee
  • Site designs you can adapt to your needs and taste
  • Ability to upload your content in building blocks (for text, images, and the eventual video clip)
  • Integrated tools to support you with finding new ideas for articles to write and how to write them
  • Ability to upload your code of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Integrated tools to monitor and analyze the performance of your website and its pages
  • etc.

Weeks later, your search is continuing and you think that your wish list is too long. You get more and more frustrated because you still cannot find a service provider that fulfills your criteria.

By chance, you stumble upon a website created by someone who successfully built an online business, and you read her description of how she did it. There is a review with a link. You follow it and land on the site of a company offering a package for building a website as the basis for building an online business.

Moments later, you know that’s it, and you found what you were looking for.

My name is Peter Stoemmer. I am a trainer, consultant, and coach for project management, and the owner of The story above is true. I went through it in 2008.

The provider I found is Site Build It or SBI in short. It took me another two days to check out what they offered. Then I signed up for the whole package and never regretted it. Meanwhile, SBI stands for Solo Build It.

If you are looking for a website builder, you have to see it with your own eyes: head over to SBI and check it out. They are “the only all-in-1 package of step-by-step process, software tools, comprehensive guidance, 24/7 support and ‘auto-updating’ that enables solopreneurs to build profitable online businesses”.

Here you find customers of SBI who did it already successfully.

This could be the end of my SBI review, but …

Warning of fake reviews

Currently, numerous so-called SBI reviews are circulating the web, which follow a simple structure:

  • The "reviewer” pretends knowing SBI from the inside, without providing facts,
  • The "reviewer” devalues SBI, still, without providing facts,
  • The "reviewer” recommends a competitor’s product (for the same purpose, i.e. building an e-business), again, without putting any evidence or facts “onto the table”.

If you stumbled over such “reviews” already, simply quick-check them for clear references to their “successful” e-business examples or websites or other hard evidence. I bet you won’t find any. In this case, file them in the “circular file”, just as you would with any other get-rich-fast scheme.

Proof of SBI! success is available

Meanwhile, SBI conducted a very thorough comparative study, which does provide compelling proof that the SBI approach, as a whole, works most successfully. Surf there and check it out yourself, these are the hard facts.

Read some – or maybe all – of the SBI success stories of real people who created a profitable and valuable e-business. They show you vividly how they did it – and that speaks volumes.

One last remark

I am not an SBI affiliate and I am not receiving any payment for this SBI review. This is my own personal account in form of my journey as an SBI subscriber.

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