Project Management Case Studies

The project management case studies we present in this section are based on real life projects. We participated ourselves in some of them as team members or project managers. For others, we got inspiration out of our training, consulting, or coaching sessions.

Each case focuses on only one or a few key issues to demonstrate specific best practices or lessons learned. Therefore, we simplify descriptions and cut details to keep the presentations short. We emphasize key features as far as they highlight best practices or contribute to lessons learned.

All characteristics and conditions like names, locations, time lines, etc. are pure fiction, but the cases could have happened in a similar way.

Table of Contents: Case Studies

Waterfall Model

(refer to sub-section Project Management Models.)

Project Duration

(refer to sub-sections Effort Estimation and Planning the Project Schedule.)

Project Claim Analysis

(refer to sub-sections Contract Management and Project Claim Management.)

A Project Selection Case

(refer to sub-section Project Selection.)

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