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1d PM Process

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Project Management Process

Referring to the generic project life cycle, as we introduced it on the previous page, we define project management as a process that consists of four phases.

compare project performance over time

The four phases are

  1. Definition Phase
  2. Planning Phase
  3. Implementation Phase
  4. Closure Phase

This specifies our definition of the term project management of page 1. We consider project management being the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements, organized in a process of those four phases.

We also recognize five generic milestones:

  1. Project Start
  2. Project Goal Defined (upon completion of definition phase)
  3. Contract Signatures or Design and Plan Approval (upon completion of planning phase)
  4. Preliminary Acceptance (upon completion of implementation phase)
  5. Final Acceptance (upon completion of closure phase)

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