2a SMART Goals

Lesson 2
2a SMART Goals

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Main task in project definition phase is to formulate a clear project goal and work out features and requirements the project result shall fulfill.

How Do We Define a Project Goal?

General criterion is: the goal definition needs to give us enough information so that we can continue with more detailed planning in subsequent planning phase.

We achieve this best by setting SMART goals:



  1. Construction of a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home for a family of three.
    Specific: the house shall consist of living room, dining room, kitchen, utility room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms; on one floor; single car port.
    Measurable: overall size 95 to 105 sqm, of approx. square footprint, overall cost under USD 100,000.--
    Attractive: comparably low cost.
    Realistic: only if future owner has enough skills to contribute minimum 30% of work on site.
    Timed: within 18 months, including design and planning.
  2. Vacation of two weeks in Thailand countryside, for two people.
    Specific: the vacation shall go through three smaller cities, exclusivly using public transport.
    Measurable: maximum two nights in Bangkok, cost of EUR 500.-- per person, excl. airfare.
    Attractive: adventurous, comparably low cost.
    Realistic: with some preparation, especially, basics of Thai language.
    Timed: within 6 months, including planning.
  3. Design and build a new wooden desk for our office.
    Specific: the desk shall provide enough area for a standard size laptop, small size laser printer, and paper work.
    Measurable: lenght 200 cm, depth 90 cm, height 80 cm; total cost less than EUR 500.--
    Attractive: doing it ourselves, it comes with comparably low cost and will be a lot of "fun".
    Realistic: given the fact that all nessesary skills, tools, and material are available, yes.
    Timed: within 2 weeks, including planning.

(We use the third example in later lessons as well.)

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