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2b Project Stakeholder

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The examples of SMART goals show that we need to investigate details in order to enable a sufficient goal definition, one that really gives enough information so that we can continue with further planning.

Who Gives Us the Details?

We get the details from those who

  • have interest in,
  • or are affected by

the project results or project activities.

These are the project stakeholders. Typically, they are:

  • Customer: the one who is going to pay for the project result.
  • End users of the project result.
  • Supplier and sub-suppliers: the ones who create or provide the project result or parts of it.
  • Members of the project team.
  • Experts who support the project work.
  • Executives and managers in the customer's organization.
  • Executives and managers in the supplier's organization.
  • Project manager.
  • Government entities and authorities who enforce law and regulations.

Other sources for details of our project goal definition are standards, common and best practices, bodies of knowledge in all project relevant areas of expertise.

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