Lesson 5
5a Closure Phase

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Preliminary acceptance marks the end of implementation phase. In project closure phase we tie up all open ends of our project.

What is still open?

  • close all open items necessary to obtain final acceptance of the project results
  • support project team members in finding new assignments
  • clean tools and machines and store them properly
  • collect material we did not use and integrate it into our organization's storage system
  • clean the workshop(s) we used
  • prepare the final calculation of actual project cost
  • compare final with planned values of effort and duration of each work package
  • summarize which of the identified risks occured
  • summarize all changes and their impact
  • compile a project documentation, incl. work reports, records of events and changes, summary of risks, actuals of effort, duration and cost
  • review lessons learned

In our example, the project of the new desk, we clean the tools, collect the remaining material, store everything, and prepare the following final calculation in terms of effort and cost of material and tools:

Finally, we decide to review our most important lessons learned as our last project activity.

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