This is our page for small demos. Some wise man said: one picture explains more than 1000 words. We think this is true, and translate it into: one movie or animation explains more than 1000 pictures (that would be a short movie of 40 seconds, at 25 frames per second).

We are expanding this sub-section. So, should you have comments, recommendations, or feedback, please let us know and

(1) MTA (Milestone Trend Analysis)

This is an inter-active animation of MTA that illustrates how we apply this tool. You can play with it right here on this page or download it as a zip-file.

Here is how it works: Just drag and drop the individual milestones where you think they belong; then press the go-button to get from one reporting period the next one. Alternatively, right-click the graphic and choose "Play" in order to play the animation as a single-step movie.

Here is the zip-file: animated MTA

(2) EVA (Earned Value Analysis)

The next one is an animation of EVA that illustrates this tool. You can play it right here on this page or download it as a zip-file.

It fits to the data included in that EVA-template in sub-section Free Project Management Tools

Here is the zip-file: EVA Movie

(3) Forward / Backward Pass

Here, you can follow a few steps into the forward / backward pass and then do your own calculation based on a small network diagram.

Here is the zip-file: Forward / Backward Pass

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