Lesson 5

Test 5

Question 1: Referring to our activities in closure phase, which of the following statements are correct?
  1. Close all open items.
  2. Compare actual results of the work packages with planned results.
  3. Clean tools and machinery.
  4. Revise the cost plan.
  5. Revise the WBS and PBS.
  6. Review lessons learned.

Question 2: Who has vital interest in lessons learned of our desk project?
  1. The government.
  2. My spouse.
  3. Our son.
  4. Our neighbor.
  5. Myself.
  6. Our daughter.

Question 3: Which one of the following statements comes closest to one of your lessons learned?
  • (A) We can change the scope of a project but not its schedule or cost plan.
  • (B) Requirements and specifications of the project result may never be changed.
  • (C) If we increase the duration of a project its cumulative cost will decrease.
  • (D) Due to unexpected events, changes of project scope, schedule and budget should be possible.
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