White Papers

In this sub-section, we place white papers on project management and related subjects that provide further background information or more details for important parts of this web site. We are expanding this sub-section. So, should you have suggestions for additional papers, let us know:

(1) How to Find the Right Projects

Originally, this paper was created for the 20th IPMA World Congress held from October 15 to 17, 2006, in Shanghai, recently adapted for its presentation on this web site.

Organizations trying to drive innovation with their projects face the basic question: how can they assure that the right innovation projects are undertaken in order to meet or exceed their overall goals. This leads to the question how the projects can be linked closely to the overall strategy of the organization, and furthermore, how a strategy can be developed so that project selection is optimized, and ultimately, the linkage to the strategy will be ensured.

The aim of this paper is to show a concrete and practical process for strategy development and to present a proposal how this process can be facilitated so that project selection and linkage to the strategy can be achieved. It thus complements the section on Project Portfolio Management of this web site.

How to Find the Right Projects (white paper)

You can contact the author directly:
Peter Stoemmer, PMP
+86 139 10133549

(2) Project Planning

Too many projects lack sufficient planning; if they have it, they lack enough flexibility for those things in implementation that require change. On this web site, in section Planning Phase and its sub-sections, we give an overview over the steps and elements of the project planning process that help to create sufficient, yet flexible enough project plans. The following paper combines those project planning steps and elements into one pdf-file, ready for download.

Project Planning (white paper)

You can contact the author directly:
The team of project-management-knowhow.com

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