Free Checklists

In this sub-section, I offer collections of checklists and project management forms. Download and adapt them to your needs, under the "Terms of Use" below.

Packages of templates, checklists and tools

To save you time in your daily work as a project manager, I packaged more than 35 project management templates, tools, and checklists into one zip file.

  • You un-zip it, and you get all items in formats you can edit to your requirements.
  • They strictly contain only standard functionality and no macros or other code.
  • You are allowed to use your logo.

(A) All four PM Phases in one Set

Templates & Checklists for Implementation and Closure Phase
for only
or click here for more info.

(B) Definition and Planning Phase

Templates & Checklists for Definition and Planning Phase
Click here for more info, or

(C) Implementation and Closure Phase

Templates & Checklists for Implementation and Closure Phase
Click here for more info, or
at .

Terms of Use grants permission to use the PM products and tools based upon the following terms.

  1. You may change the PM products and tools to your needs. If you apply any change you must remove our logo and include the following remark: "originally created by".
  2. You shall not sell, distribute, sub-license, lease, hire out, share use of, rent or transmit any of the PM products and tools or parts of them in any way.
  3. Before using the PM products and tools for teaching, consulting or training you must acquire the express written consent of
  4. gives no warranty regarding the results of your use of the PM products and tools as those results depend on how you use the PM products and tools.
  5. is not liable to you or any third party for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind resulting from or in connection with the use of the PM products and tools.

You can download the checklists one by one for free, from here. The same "Terms of Use" apply accordingly.

(1) Project Planning

(2) Contract Management

(3) Meetings

(4) Negotiations

(5) Project Closure

Your wishes for more checklists

We are expanding this sub-section. So, should you have comments, recommendations, suggestions for improvements, or additional tools or templates, please let us know:

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